Ayahuasca Ceremony - Shaman Every Ayahuasca retreat is different, and Ayahuasca ceremonies will be different depending on the retreat you visit. In addition, even at the same ceremony, each individual experiences something completely different. Here’s a brief outline of what to expect during an East West Lodge ceremony.


We limit our group size to between six and eight participants. Historically, shamans prescribed Ayahuasca for individuals or very small groups. There can be an advantage to the shared energy of a large group, but we try to honor tradition by limiting group size. We prefer the personalization and intimacy that only a small group can achieve.


The ceremony takes place in our ceremonial Moloca, a traditional round dwelling. You will have your own spot with a mat to lie on, a bucket in case you feel sick, and some toilet paper. You will be in full sight of the shaman.

The ceremony starts after sunset around seven or eight in the evening. People usually come earlier than that to reflect and to prepare for the experience.


The shaman will come into the Moloca and prepare his own space. He will bring some tools of his trade, some musical instruments, perhaps some symbolic ornaments, and the Ayahuasca.

We use several shamans who belong to the same family. They are highly trained, very experienced, and compassionate individuals, who will take a personal interest in your journey. They will guide you, pray for and with you, and do everything they can to make your experience a positive one.

Traditional shamans view Ayahuasca as a powerful medicine and not a recreational drug. They will treat both you and their brew with respect.


The shaman will decide the appropriate dosage of Ayahuasca for you. He will take into account, your size, medical history, age, health, your history with Ayahuasca, and what you hope to achieve. He will offer you a full dose or more or less than a full dose.

Group Sharing

The next day, we hold a meeting that all participants from the previous night are required to attend. You don’t have to talk about your experience to the group, but you do have to come. This will be your opportunity to discuss with others how you felt and also to hear what they have to say. We believe this group sharing is important for integrating your personal Ayahuasca experience into the rest of your life.

We encourage you to come and visit us. We believe you will leave here changed for the better. Try Ayahuasca the way it was originally intended with an expert shaman in a safe environment.

Contact Us

We can give you all kinds of information, and we urge you to contact us and let us answer your questions or address any concerns. Our email address is info@eastwestlodge.com . Your safety is our first priority.