Ayahuasca Shows Promise for Treating Eating DisordersEating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are very serious and notoriously difficult to treat. These disorders affect about five percent of the general population in developed countries and are characterized by strange eating habits, low weight, disturbed body image and obsession with the person’s body shape and weight.

The current treatments for eating disorders in modern medicine are not considered particularly effective, and there is not good evidence that one type of treatment is even better than any other treatment. In cases where treatments are somewhat effective, there is a high rate of relapse.

Recently there was a small study conducted in Canada that shows promise using Ayahuasca for treating these hard-to-treat diseases. A sample of 16 individuals with a history of eating disorders, who had participated in Ayahuasca ceremonies one or more times was interviewed.

These participants reported gaining significant insight into their illness with the help of Ayahuasca. They reported a reduction in symptoms that for some individuals lasted for years.

Small studies like this suggest the need for larger studies with larger samples. One of the challenges is making Ayahuasca available for those who wish to try it since Ayahuasca is still illegal in many countries. Another issue is needing experienced individuals preparing the drink, leading the ceremonies and offering before and after counseling to those suffering from different types of mental illness.

We wholeheartedly support all the new research that supports what indigenous people of the Amazon basin have known for years—that many people can benefit from Ayahuasca, and it is a strong and effective medicine. There are now studies that suggest Ayahuasca can help not only those with eating disorders, but also those with addictions, depression, and PTSD. We believe that even perfectly normal individuals can still benefit from Ayahuasca.

We hope that one day everyone who needs it will able to easily access Ayahuasca. In the meantime, however, please consider coming to visit us, where our experienced shamans can get you started on your journey to healing. We offer retreats all year round in a traditional setting in the Amazon jungle. We want to help you.

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