Ayahuasca Retreat

What you can expect during an Ayahuasca retreat depends entirely on which retreat you choose. Some retreats may have several activities to offer. Other retreats are mainly centered on the Ayahuasca experience.

At our retreat, we have jungle trails that you can explore and a beautiful fruit garden that you have free access to where you will find mango, orange, banana, and other fruit trees. We also offer some traditional Chinese medicine like Cupping, which can relieve tension and muscle aches.

Most people who come to an Ayahuasca retreat want peace and relaxation, and we offer ample opportunity for that. You will also be able to meet and converse with other like-minded individuals on the retreat if you so choose. At East West Lodge, you can expect some dietary suggestions to prepare for your Ayahuasca experience.

During the Ayahuasca Ceremony

Again, the ceremony will differ depending on your chosen retreat. After dark, you gather at a prescribed time in a special hut, the Ceremony Moloca, seated in a circle with our Shaman. You are giving a mattress for lounging and a bucket for purging. The Moloca is designed for your comfort and has mosquito netting and mosquito traps. Guests are asked to remain quiet and to respect the privacy and personal experiences of others.

The Shaman will say some prayers blessing our Moloca and preparing you for your journey. There will be some “helpers” standing by who will not be drinking Ayahuasca. They are a couple of people who speak English and Spanish and can offer assistance if anyone needs it.

After making his assessment, the Shaman will offer you the amount of the Ayahuasca brew that he believes is suitable for you. There is some singing of sacred songs (icaros) as the Shaman prepares you for your journey. Throughout the ceremony, the Shaman will continue to pray for the protection of the Moloca and your experience.

Some people experience “purging” or vomiting and diarrhea. Shamans believe this purging is not just a reaction to the Ayahuasca, but also a symbolic ridding of your mind and body of bad thoughts and unhealthy influences.

Your reaction to the Ayahuasca usually peaks after about two hours, and then the journey generally continues for another four to six hours.

The next day you have a required sharing meeting during which you are invited to discuss what you have experienced. You don’t have to talk about it, but you do have to attend.

It’s very difficult or impossible to tell you exactly what will happen or how your experience will unfold. The Ayahuasca experience is a very personal one, and no two experiences are alike. You can expect the next day or two after an Ayahuasca experience to be days of peace, quiet reflection, and self-assessment.

This is just a very brief outline of what you can expect. We encourage you to do as much research as you can and to contact us for further information.

Contact Us

We can give you all kinds of information, and we urge you to contact us and let us answer your questions or address any concerns. Our email address is info@eastwestlodge.com . Your safety is our first priority.