Tips for Creating Your Best Possible LifeJanuary is the month when many people in the western world make resolutions to make changes and improvements in their lives. Here are some tips to create the best possible life and future for you before January rolls around.

Vision Board

Therapists often recommend creating a “vision board”. This could be a notebook of clippings or a collage of how you want your life to be with pictures or notes of what you want in your future. You don’t have to be Van Gogh to glue some images that you have cut out of magazines onto a poster board.

The idea here is to visualize your success. You need to identify what you want in order to take steps to attain it. A vision board can be a terrific reminder of what you’re striving for in the long term.


Part of preparing for success means cultivating a new mindset. You need to be open to success in order to achieve it. You need to banish negative thoughts that you tell yourself like, “you’ll never make it” or “you’re not smart enough” or “you never finish anything.”

No one achieves anything without first believing they can do it. Getting rid of negative thoughts is a learned skill. It means first identifying self-defeating phrases and making a concerted effort to get them out of your head when they appear. Maybe you need to write reminders in a journal to spur positive thinking or tape a reminder to your bathroom mirror that says, “you are worth it” or “you can do it.”

Facing Fears

Part of creating a new mindset is facing your fears. Write them down so you can identify them. Talk to a trusted friend. Only by admitting to fears can you learn new ways of thinking and adapting. You can conquer fear when you face it head on.

Open Up to New Experiences

Everyone can benefit from new experiences, new feelings, or new friends. Open yourself up to a new life with new experiences. Consider visiting us and trying the healing journey of Ayahuasca under the supervision of a trained and experienced shaman, who has your healing as his focus.

We want you to have the best life you can have. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a new year full of love and success.

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