In order to understand holistic healing, you have to first understand what is holistic medicine or holistic health. So, let’s first define holism.

Holism is the concept that something is not a collection of individual standalone parts but a collection of interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent parts. Practitioners of holistic medicine treat the whole patient, and not just one symptom that he or she presents with. They also examine how the patient is feeling and the emotional and spiritual self. Is he or she depressed? Alone? With or without hope?

In that context, holistic healing is the healing of all parts of the self, not just the one or ones that appear to be ailing. We believe that everything about you is related to everything else about you. So, we want to heal the parts of you that may have been neglected by other practitioners, namely, your spirit, your soul, and your emotional, social, and spiritual parts.

In the same way that traditional medicine can describe a patient as “circling the drain,” we believe that with holistic healing, a person can achieve the opposite of that or circling and spiraling up away from disaster and toward complete health and happiness.

While we believe that Ayahuasca can play a role in your holistic healing, we also believe that everything else we offer also plays a role. Quiet time in the jungle, being with a few like-minded individuals, and time with our Shaman all contribute to your overall healing process. We want our guests to feel that from the moment they put themselves in our hands, everything from the food you eat to the sounds you hear is part of this holistic event. Your journey is complimented by but not defined by a few hours of an Ayahuasca experience.

This is why we encourage easy walks in the jungle (on well-marked trails), free reign in our fruit garden, and we will soon be offering some traditional Chinese medicine. Everything about your stay with us is part of our holistic approach. We believe you can feel something special here that you have been missing. Come and visit our retreat, and you will see.

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